Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a LOT of books

I know Nate Berkus wants me to make my bookshelves look more interesting by adding photos, memorabilia, and other items that personalize my space. However, Nate has NO IDEA how many books I own. It was a huge effort but we (and by we I mean my darling husband) put together the bookshelf.

I had emptied one of the smaller bookshelves and dusted earlier in the day. After the shelf was assembled I emptied the other, removed the protective dust covering off the books (What? It IS protective. Really.) and got down to business.

I honestly thought I would have a ton of extra space in the new shelf. Oops. Turns out when you have NO MORE ROOM on the 2 small shelves, even one gigantic shelf is not enough. Witness: NOT a Nate Berkus approved bookshelf. (Note to self: Dude! The cord, man. It is heinous!)

And I know the cranberry lamp is an errr .... bold choice. But it was from my grandma and I love it and I just tell anyone who asks that the pink is an accent color.

Still and all, I like it. I can see the books now. It was so much fun reshelving them, looking at the dust jackets, remembering the stories, thinking I need to re read this one or that one. They are my friends, and it makes me happy to display them in a manner befitting them. Now I just need a dozen or so more of them.

(I know I would have more book space were it not for the bins on the bottom row. But I have a husband who saves his woodworking magazines and needs a place to store them AND an obsessive need to keep a million papers in little files without the necessary obsessive need to actually file.)

And I only had 2 glasses of wine last night but I was a little giddy when I posted. Forgive me. The recipe for the Red Velvet cake is here. Deeeeelish.


  1. OMG, I NEED that bookshelf. You DO have a ton of books.

  2. First off...does Nate Berkus live in your house? No. So who the hell cares what he thinks? added interest by alternating stacked and shelved...this is good. could hide the cord by asking Rob to gently staple it down the back of one of the vertical shelves to the floor. some kind of height variance in the tchochkes up on top.

    Love the shelf, love the new spread, love the pug in the dog bed!

  3. I want that bookshelf! I'm getting one like that eventually. When Nate reads as much as you do (or I do for that matter) then he would want to move his tree branches and candles to make room for his precious written word like us!