Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funeral Cards

On August 12 I posted a list of obituaries and other newspaper clippings I have that I am willing to send to those who want them for genealogy research. As of today that list is still incomplete, but I wanted to add funeral cards that I have today. Check both lists because some of the names are on both pages. I am filing all of it together alphabetically so if someone requests a particular name I will probably find all pertinent documents but it would be helpful if I knew I was looking for a news paper clipping AND a funeral card, so list both in your request if the name is on both pages.

Ida Louise Anderson
Evelyn Charlotte Fletcher
Hans Flom
Ingeborg Groven
Oscar A. Hallan
Mrs. Archie H. Hammond
Albert E. Hurd
Harry John Hurd
Jens Martinus Jespersen
Brynjel T. Johnson
Anna Langworthy
Charles J. Langworthy
Sidney O. Larson
Sigvald Peter Lund
Myrtle B. Moen
Bennie P. Nelson
Norris J. Nelson
Ingebrigt J. Netland
Benjamin F. O'Dell
Albert Olson
Arnold T. Olson
Olaf Olson
Herman Peters
Ray Peters
Thomas Pollard
Bertha Bassett Rendall
Dempsy Charles Rendall
John C. Schultz
Elmer A. Skare
Stella Nathalia Sorenson
Mrs. Borghild Swenson
Richard M. Swinburne
Carl O. Wahlin
Esther W. Wahlin

All 3 posts containing genealogy for this month are complete. Email me at jennifer [dot] my3sons [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know what you are looking for, and if possible, how you are connected to the person/people in question. Once we've connected and established that the record is of the person you seek, I will email you my mailing address. If you mail a SASE to me I will be happy to have it go somewhere useful.

Items that are sent off will be crossed off but not removed from the list. I would suggest adding a comment to the entry after receiving the item that lists the name and your name or some method of contacting you for future researchers. I am sorry, I just can't promise to stay organized enough to keep track of what is sent to whom.

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